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Clues so far:

22-Wellcome Collection, London: Borrow a piece of copper to access the Guardian's supplement.
21-National Theatre, London: I-live-'ere, giving you direction and lift.
20-The Russian Club Gallery, London: Loo-king (or loo-queen) for me? You'll find me in the end.

[VANISHED!] 19-Soho Theatre: Dancing on (well, near) the ceiling. The mens' ceiling, that is.

18-Ergonomics real design, Design Museum, London: Hands on Harry, Vol. 1.
17- The Courtauld Gallery, London: You'll need a pound to get this from number 3, but you'll get the pound back.
16-Moro, Exmouth Market, London: The mirror in the mans, Part II
15-Baltic, Gateshead: For your INFORMATION, I can BENCH-PRESS well UNDER that of those to my LEFT.
14-The Ritzy, London (Screen 5): The seat next to the seat under which you might host an interactive entertainment expo.
[FOUND!] 13-The ICA, London: The mirror in the mans.
12-The Millstone at Mellor, Blackburn: How much do you know about rainbows?
11-Lower Argoed, Brecon Beacons: The Hot Money is on a black hardback.
10-Lower Argoed, Brecon Beacons: Glorious Uncertainty should lead you to me.
09-Gallery Ef, Tokyo: My first Opus
[FOUND!] 08-Ghibli Museum, Tokyo: Finding this micromystery is like finding the Holy Grail.
[FOUND!] 07-Cafe Bibliotec Hello!, Kyoto: In a spoon within a Spoon.
06-Miho Museum, Japan: You can't quite view pines from here but there's probably pine freshener in this room.
04-Tsuwano, Japan: Under a small pile of stones near what looks like something Amane spends a long time sitting on.
03-Tohmeizan Kofukuji, Nagasaki, Japan: In the garden of Zen, near the vase is my den.
03-Tohmeizan Kofukuji, Nagasaki, Japan: In the garden of Zen, near the vase is my den.
02-Aso, Japan: A small red monkey chases a tree to pee
01-Khaosan international hostel, Fukuoka, Japan: 'It is, however, very near a cup of something that might send you to this room'.

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